My boyfriend has some major back pain. Of course, days vary. Sometimes he'll hurt like crazy and have a hard time moving around while other days aren't so bad. His mom has been giving him her morphine prescription. After a while he was taking 4-5 pills a day. 15mg. He decided on his own that it was too many and he needed to stop to tell if he was still hurting that bad or was just addicted. He stopped cold turkey. He went through all the withdrawal symptoms and it took about a week for him to start feeling better. He went several more days without it, and some days I could tell he was hurting really bad again. (he hurt his back by twisting wrong, lifting something heavy in a masonry class) So, he started getting pills from her again. He had stopped in late april. Well as of now (june 6th), when he has enough, he takes 4 a day again. he'll take an immediate 15mg release with an extended release. twice a day. This morning I saw him snort the immediate release. So obviously, this is getting out of hand. I can't talk to his mom about it, because she will probably run to him and create drama. So now I am trying to find some kind of medicine (herbal or over the counter) to mix in his food/drink, to help him off the morphine. So far I don't know what else to try.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I called a national help hotline and they said to join a support group and get advice from other families going through similar situations.