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Morphine - I take 10-12 percocet 10-325 pills daily.what fentanyl patch Dose is equivalent.?

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DzooBaby 5 Mar 2012

Your total daily dose of oxycodone would be 100 to 120 mg and that converts to Fentanyl 50-75mcg/hr patches. You might want to start with a 50mcg patch and give that a week and if you still dont have adequate relief you may want to go to 75mcg patches.

liz d 6 Mar 2012

Thanks for the response... I started with 2 25 patches and still take about 6 pills percocet 10 325. STOL in some pain... I have ankylosing spondylitis..which equals day and night pain always... never a pain free moment. I think I need stronger patch but I'm a bit afraid ... I am amom of 3 boys and dont to over do it. Any suggestions on how to keep the patches stick to your skin? Specific tape?and best spots to put on the body? Thank you, I really appreciate your time. Liz

DzooBaby 7 Mar 2012

So sorry to hear you are in so much pain Liz! I too suffer from chronic pain and I'm a mother of two boys. One thing I've learned about chronic pain is to adjust my expectations. It is unlikely that I will ever be pain free and still be conscious. I find that if the pain is tolerable, that is all I can ask for! That isnt to say that you dont need a stronger patch. Be sure that you go through 2-3 patch changes, so a couple of weeks, on one dose before you go to the next higher dose. Fentanyl accumulates over days so you dont want to increase too quickly. Your Dr started you out at the right dose but you may need to go up to the 75mcg. You always want to start a little conservative to see how you do. If you have been on the 50mcg for a week or more and it is still not giving good control, you may need the 75mcg.You want to be where you get most of your pain control from your patch with an occasional Percocet for breakthrough.

liz d 8 Mar 2012

Dr gave me 75 mcg patch... so far so good. I am surprised how much pain has decreased... I hope it lasts. Still have pills which I took 10-12 but now since the new patch I only take 5 or so. Thanks for all your help. I will keep you posted. Do they have percocet 10 in a time release like you said you take oxycontin... what are the differences... liz free discount card

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