Yesterday I had Flat Top and I think I ate some undercooked chicken. I woke up around midnight and I felt like I had to puke, well, I did! I drank lots of liquids and that seemed to make me puke again. I don't think I have puked like this since I was 8….it was horrible. I asked a recent question whether or not I was pregnant after my the condom broke (no one apparently wanted to help). I started birth control a month ago, the condom broke on the first day of the third week of pills and I took Plan B: One Step, and my period ended up arriving on the "hormone-free" pills week. I was heavy and lasted for around six days. The day I had Flat Top was the day I started my new pack of pills. So I'm wondering if I may have puked because of the undercooked chicken or is it because of starting more hormones? Or is it the fact that I may still be pregnant with morning sickness even though I had a heavy, and normal period? If you want to look at my other question for more details please feel free to.