... appointment with my PM doctor. She changed my Opana ER 20mg pill from every 12 hours to every 8 hours. Hopefully this provides adequate pain relief that I have been longing for. I no longer even wish for "pain relief" but just to get my level down enough that I can tolerate it. Oh and if I could go a full 24 hours without crying that would be an added bonus!

She also kept me on Norco 10/325 up to 8 a day (240 monthly) although I'm thinking that I will be able to cut this down considerably by taking the Opana ER every 8 hours because the majority I take of the Norco is right between the Opana doses.

Sorry I always seem to ramble... Anyway, I have been with Express Scripts for many years with an "out-of-pocket" of only $400. With my Lupus/Arthritis medicines I usually hit the out-of-pocket about 2 weeks into the new year. After that is reached my medicines are $0 co-pay as long as I get them through the mail order after 2 months on the same medicine because it is then considered a "maintenance" drugs.

Last month when I went in for my Opana I was told that I must use mail order (it was the start of my 3rd month on it) or pay the $100.00 deductable which I did not want to do because the New Year was right around the corner and my new "out-of-pocket" would begin. The Pharmacist at Walgreens told me it was against the law to do mail order with Opana (I live in Illinois for those of you that didn't already know that). I then asked the Pharmacist if she thought it was right that Express Scripts wants to force me to do mail order on a med that is illegal to do through the mail. The Pharmacist then said, Maam I DONT make the rules I just follow them. I then explained that it would normally be free and I wouldn't mind paying but in 2 weeks at least the $100 would go towards my new "out-of-pocket".

I was not being rude to her at all, in fact although I was upset I was being very pleasant but she rudely said, This Opana costs almost $400 and you are really complaining about only paying $100 of that??? You should be lucky you don't need to pay in cash. Then she said do you really even need this Opana when you take Norco because they are both heavy pain medicines! I was SHOCKED at how she treated me! I picked up my other medicine that she had ready for me and then asked her for my script back. She went and got it, stopped and talked to one of the techs leaving me standing there for a good 10 minutes, in pain and then came back over with the script and before she would let go of it, she said, "you know I don't have to give this script back to you because once you had it to us it becomes our property and I could force you to fill it here or dispose of it and make you go back to your doctor for a new one."

Since it was already in my hand as well I quickly pulled it out of hers and said, I doubt very much that is legal and I would threaten to quit using your pharmacy except that you probably wouldn't care because you would be paid your salary if I'm a customer or not and because in 2 weeks you will no longer be in my prescription plan anyway... but I know you already know that because once it was announced 2 months ago the customer service here declined 80%, you have a wonderful day, oh and Merry Christmas! Then I went to a small local pharmacy we have in town.

I will add more detail after this post because although I promised not to be so winded I've done the opposite. LOL