I had a normal period last week 06/23/2013 - 06/26/2013. I then had unprotected sex the next day on 06/27/2013 . I wasn't able to take the morning after pill until closer to 20hrs later. I noticed spotting on the 07/01/2013 and it turned into more, where I have to wear a pad, on the 2nd. Is this normal? I never have my period so close together. It's not as heavy as my normal period either but its enough to wear a pad. ALSO Is there any chance I could still be pregnant or is this just the pill clearing me out? Mind you I'm 20 and very healthy. I haven't had any cramping really. I have felt tired and nauseous but no vomit. I'm not able to work out because I get dizzy really easy. Any advice would be great! I did make a dr appointment for next week as well because I'm due for one anyway.