Okay so I'm freaking out a lot. But I tend to overreact so I don't know if I am or not!! So this guy had sex with me at a party I was drunk and can't remember if he wore protection or not. (He claims he did but I don't really trust him) and I don't think he finished inside me but I went for the morning after pill anyway which was levonelle and took it 16 hours afterwards. When I had sex I worked it out that I would have been ovulating and I'm not really sure if that would change anything? But about 6 days later I had my period which was two weeks early and seemed fairly normal except it started with some brown discharge then into a normal period. I am usually very regular so I waited for a month after that "period" which was two weeks after I would have been regularly due. Still nothing I should have been due if I counted the period I had six days later about four days ago and I'm freaking out so much! What are the chances I could be pregnant??? I can't tell anyone I have nobody else to turn to!!! :( please help.