My ex and I hooked up over Christmas break around January 4th. I usually have a regular cycle (28 days), and my period had just ended that day or the day before. I was on birth control a few months ago, but had recently stopped taking them, and we did not use a condom (I know, stupid stupid mistake). Anyways, I know the pull out method is not the most reliable, and a little bit had gotten inside of me (95% was on him). Since my cycle is pretty regular and I track it, I knew I would not be ovulating, but I thought it'd be better to be safe than sorry and took Next Choice the following day (which was a Monday.) That following Saturday I started to spot, but it was heavier than just spotting and lasted about 4-5 days. Now it is January 29th and was supposed to start on the 26th, but I have still had my period. I know the pill can cause irregular periods, and since I had basically two periods in two in a half weeks, I feel like mine will just be delayed a little bit. Any thoughts?

P.S. please do not judge me on not using a condom. I know it was bad decision, and I'm already stressed enough.