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Morning after pill is it a gud contraceptive medication one should take?

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kaismama 29 May 2013

It is intended for emergency contraception only. It is not intended as regular birth control and should be taken only a few times s year. It is about 80% effective. It is much better to take regular birth control pills, which are 99% effective. If you have need of emergency contraception its ok, it does have side effects and will mess up your cycle.

DzooBaby 29 May 2013

In the event of a contraceptive failure like a broken condom, it can help to prevent pregnancy. It is not meant to be a regular form of birth control and it is not effective for this purpose. Studies indicate that it can be less effective if taken multiple times close together and it is only 80% effective for one time use. You are much better off (and it is much easier on your system) to take regular birth control pills, injections, patches or the Ring. "Morning after pills" or emergency contraceptives are a huge blast of hormones meant to prevent pregnancy in the case of accidental exposure to sperm, like in the case of a broken condom, but this blast of hormones can have a higher incidence of side effects than taking normal birth control. It can cause pregnancy-like symptoms and the delay of your cycle for months in some cases. If you are sexually active, you need to go to a Dr or clinic and get a regular form of birth control. There are many methods and one should be right for you. Do not rely on "morning after pills" as a regular form of birth control. free discount card

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