I know we all are having problems with new formula, or most of us. I've been feeling very weak especially arms and shoulders, with seemingly swelling of upper abdomen especially in morinng. I have been feeling very "off" mentally, a place i've never been before. I feel very irate, then despair. My neck has a stiffness I've not ever experienced before, and my left arm is hurting worse, with weakness in both hands, especially left. It turning ice cold and purple across knuckes. this isn't new, but it's getting worse> I had a second hand surgery 2008 and been having problems since and no dr. can find out why.
I don't know what to do. Not new, but I'm so hot, not hot flashes, we are talking steam coming off my face in 68 degrees, and I can't get any dr. to understand this is life altering problem. My glasses are fogging up with steam and I just feel like it's really humid when it's not. I'm so sick of asking myself what ist he matter with me and the depression has escalated. but the other mental feeling is something i can't decribe, it's different? ANYONE? HELP?