I found out by accident looking on pilll identifier that methocarbamol can ease the withdrawl process from opiates. It no doubt would ease the withdrawl from subutex or suboxone also which are partial opiates. The drug companies do not seem to want to help us neither do the detox Doctors.
Detox Doctors want to keep you on subutex or suboxone, big money involved here. Apparently so do the drug companies. It is impossible to taper off of the 8mg. pill, after breaking it into quarters it just crumbles and I do not think the medicine is evenly distributed throughout the pill. An 8mg. pill costs the same price as a 2mg. pill. Go figure. The information I found on your site is a light in the dark for me. I want to stop subutex but need something to help with the detox, I know soma helps some and people say methocarbamol does well. Please put out more information on Methocarbamol for use helping to go through any kind of opiate withdrawl from your readers, any info on the subject of easing opiate withdrawl is a much needed subject. Also if there are any places people without insurance can get Methocarbamol, please, Thank You