Sep. 16, 2009, I went for a pump refill, immediately tasted a metallic or the like coming from throat up through my mouth and nose. I mentioned this to the nurse, I quote her "thats not supposed to happen", I responded, it did or I wouldn't have mentioned it, nurse inturn says, O you'll be OK.. Well my begginning to my worst nightmare. I have since, lost all ability to taste, and sense to feel. I recognize hot or cold, Not wet. I sense sweet or bitter, absolutly no flavor, what if anything can I do to correct this.
I have consulted with my Dr., he wasn't sure if it would be irrevirsable or not. No direct answer was given.
O, immediately after my injection, a swelling under the internal pump started, and is still there.
No one seems to want to step up to the plate to assist me in my delimma. I also have other side effects, sleeplessness, anxiety, sweats, loss of appetite. unable to put on weight, can't taste, my stomach does indeed inform me of hunger. Please advise if you will.
Much appreciated, I would love to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner.
Sincerly, Diane B. Orlando, FL