I needed to register and post my question for insight. I have been on adderal for some time now and it worked for me for the longest time. My insurance provider recently (past six months or so) only covers the generic brand which has caused so many side effects. I'm mercurial, depressed, and apathetic. I can't force myself to plan for the future, I feel dead; I can't even force myself to workout. I feel like a shadow of my former self. I catch myself staring at walls or blurring my vision, just zoning out.

My doctor has been trying to get me to switch to vyvanse 30mg since I've been feeling this way and I just agreed but still haven't tried it. I wish I didn't have to take anything but I just simply can't. When I started Adderall I was happy at work, came home had no problem doing dishes, the laundry, and all daily cleaning. Recently, I come home, I don't want to speak with anyone, if someone does speak to me I am instantly annoyed and snap, I have no desire to work out anymore or walk my dogs (was an everyday routine for me), or even do laundry.

Has anyone gone through this? Has anyone switched to Vyvanse 30mg from Adderal 20mg XR & instant (never take more than 1 a day but I'm prescribed appx. 2-3/day)? I hope it will help me with the issues I've been having but wanted insight from experienced users..