My pdoc first tried 25mg Seroquel and within the first 2 weeks, I'd gained 3 pounds with no changes to my diet and/or excercise routine. So - I wanted off of that!! Then, lamictal, my eye started twitching for months. So, we've moved on to diazepam which I have had no weight gain and need only twice at most a week. But, pdoc would like something more "regular" and "stable". But, I'm hesitant as Seroquel was such a let down. Especially after reading other reviews afterwards. I'm being treated from PTSD from childhood trauma. I just feel most "mood stabilizer" have weight gain issues or lower the metabolism to a point that burning calories is near impossible (as with Seroquel). I'm not looking for you to be my doctor. Just medication I can research and bring up in my next appointment to be an informed patient. TIA!