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What can I take as a mood stabiliser in place of lamictil?

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WildcatVet 5 Feb 2015

Hi, timex! The only true *mood stabilizer* is lithium. It's been in use for decades and is still consider the gold standard medication for Bipolar disorder.

It's the only drug that's ever really helped me. But only your physician can determine if it would be a good choice for you, and he/she would have to instruct you about some precautions, like routine blood work, that you'd need to take.

Best wishes, WCV

balbanese 5 Feb 2015

Hey there, because there are numerous unique factors about you that only your Dr can know, it would be inappropriate for anyone other that he to recommend anything for you. Your history and factors leading to this point, diagnosis, etc., all play into what may or may not be right for you.

cdswicky 5 Feb 2015

I would have to agree with the last person. Your doctor would be the best one to navigate through our rocky waters known as bipolar disorder. Lithium is still commonly used as the "go to" mood stabilizer. I'm sorry to hear that Lamictal isn't working for you. I've been on it for years, of course along with other prescriptions too, and it's been a good drug for me with few side effects. Best wishes to you timex. Hang in there and remember patience is our secret weapon in combating bipolar disorder. free discount card

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