I am taking Sprintec for the pupose of getting rid of acne. I don't take the pill exactly the same time every day either but i make sure i do every day and have not missed a day. My doctor told me to not take the white pills till after my third pack of JUST blue pills. I did what he prescribed.
I ended up having unprotected sex for about a minute till my boyfriend pulled out and said we need to use a condom. So he put one on and we continued while ON my period and since then, i've been having spotting/light bleeding all day, every day, for a month now.
I had protected sex a couple more times during the month and the rest was just "fooling" around with each other. I took a prgnancy test that same week and another one a week after that. Both were negative as well. I am not worried that I am pregnant...
Or should i be? Do i need to start taking the pill at an exact time every day and if so, would it help stop the bleeding?
Would anyone know what my body could be telling me? Your well thought responses would be much appreciated! Thank you.
Do I take the pill exactly the same time every day and eventually my spotting will stop, right?
Also, i was supposed to have my full period at the end of last month but i have been lightly bleeding throughout all last month and still am and it is now November... so is it a good time to take a pregnancy test? I have not had any symptoms of pregnancy either.
Thanks so much for your response as well!