nuvaring on the 24th of December. I had unprotected sex on January sixth but he did not ejaculate inside of me. On January 8th I received the depo shot and i was told by the doctor that it would become effective immediately. and so I removed my nuvaring on the same day because I did not want an overdose of hormones. Now I am reading online that I should have left the nuvaring in for one week to allow the depo shot to come into effect. What are the chances of becoming pregnant since technically I was no longer protected after the eighth of January? sperm is viable for five days! and My calendar says that I should be ovulating during this time.(today to be exact).

( I previously had a scare on January 2 where it was possible that I had the nuvaring out for more than three hours, because I took it out twice in one night. but i did insert it right after( so chances are that I may just be freaking out since it more than likely was not out for more than a total of three hours) I took a plan b pill about 18-24 hours later. This means that it would delay ovulation for me. Does this mean that it is protecting me from this current scare?

please help! I am freaking out.