One month ago almost to date my son was sent home from school with complaints of his left arm being completely numb from his fingers to about 3/4 of the way up his arm me and his mother took him to A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital where he was keept and observed for 4 nights going through multiple MRI's on his head and upper torso also an MRV, CT. Scan,Echo,and Spinal tap with diagnosis of the possibility it could be either Conversion Disorder, CRPV (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and or Somatization Disorder. Two weeks after being released from AI. DUPONT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL The same left arm which is still numb at this time goes completely paralyzed so we took him to another hospital hopping for better answers which is when he had the spinal tap done and diagnosed with conversion disorder and released the same night one week later he was talking with a friend when they noticed he was slurring his speech and the left side of his face looked as if he had a stroke which was later ruled out and on this visit back to AI. DUPONT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL he was kept another 3 nights and more MRI'S done with still no answers and basically a bunch of doctors telling me and his mother what it might be, not what it is . So sent home again with no answers ,the following day while at church my sons left leg went numb. We have brought him to CHOPS ( Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) I have been recommended to bring him here by several people and have heard very good things about this Hospital.
Please if anyone has any idea of what this could be please we are extremely desperate for answers and have become extremely frustrated at the feeling of helplessness.