... point on these pills. Last month I wanted to induce my period by a week, so I skipped my last week of active pills and went straight to the green pills, and threw the pack away when I was finished with them and went to the next. Everything went smoothly and I moved on. This was 3 weeks ago, and I finished my period about 12 days ago. A few days ago, I accidentally took two active pills in one night a few hours apart from each other, so I skipped a day and got back on schedule and took a pill two days later since I took two days worth on the same day. Ive been spotting for a few days now, which never happens. I always start my period the third day into the green pills and I never spot before hand. I'm wondering if I'm spotting because of the one day I skipped or because I induced my period? I also want to either induce or skip this coming period as well, which is scheduled to start in about a week. Should I induce it or try to skip it? I would rather have it early than not have it at all, especially since I'm spotting