I used to be on trisprintec about 2 years ago but stopped when i got pregnant. I lost baby at 9 weeks about a year ago. I just started this pill this year after having no period for 4 months. With my first pack of Mononessa I had no side effects at all. I missed a couple of active pills (not back to back) but always doubled up. I also often took them about 1-2 hours late every night. But I had a period. Now I'm on my second pack (almost done) and  I missed a few active pills (never back to back). And I missed a placebo pill. About a week before my period was due I started having lots of discharge. It interchanged between clear and white. Now it's a day before my period and my discharge is even heavier. That didn't happen with the first pack. I'm noticing lately my acne is getting worse, I'm uncontrollably moody, my breasts are sore and veiny, and the discharge. I can't rule out pregnancy (though I'm sure it's not likely?) But has anyone had a sudden onset of side effects on this pill?