... stress. I have never had female issues and am never late. Dr believes it was due to stress.I am 40 years old. Anyway, I started july 6th and bled heavily for 2 weeks and went to urgent care anemic. He put me on provera for 10 days and iron. My regular dr who I saw 6 days later (not an obgyn) said i would begin to bleed again when I went off and if heavy for more than one day to start mononessa. Take 2 pills for first week, then one a day skipping placebos. I started regimin on August 8, and bleeding ceased. I was spotting a tiny bit daily until August 28th.. On Aug 28 I began to bleed lightly and I still am as of today sept 2nd. I am freaking out... is this normal. I had a pap and waiting on results, but I go yearly and always fine. Hoping and suspecting it is this time too... hopefully lol. She said to start taking placebos on my 3rd pack and I should have a period, and if still spotting on pack 4 she would refer me to an obgyn for a different regimen that in many cases a womans hormones overpower the pill, and she believes that may be the case with me. Anyway, What if I don't stop bleeding by then? Is this normal? I am on my second pack with about 6 days left. Anyway, anyone on mononessa for same, reasons for a hormone reset? I just want to be normal again :( I hate this. Not to mention I suffer severe health anxiety. I have heard nothing but horror stories from other women and I am a total mess. Thanks for your support ladies! :)