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What should I monitor while taking laxatives?

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Inactive 18 Nov 2012

Hello rfox82. I would imagine the frequency of your moving your bowels. Regards pledge

Inactive 18 Nov 2012

It might be more helpful if you gave more information to answer your question. Do you use laxatives regularly, and why? Do you take certain medications that cause constipation, or a disease or what? Eating a proper diet & drinking lots of water, generally 2 litres a day will help alleviate constipation normally. The use of laxatives all the time can be habit forming. Please give more info so your question can be answered...

happybrandee 18 Nov 2012

Could you give a little more detail to your question? It may make it easier to answer. I'm not quite sure what you are asking?

endlessPred 19 Nov 2012

A proper diet with lots of veggies and fruit, whole grains helps. Be careful using laxatives. They become habit forming and can cause real damage to your colon and such. They can also deplete you of potassium and other salts. I suggest you see a doctor and have your situation looked at. There may be better solutions than self medicating.

What you should look for are bloody stools, coffee ground looking discharge, chronic diarrhea, watery bowels, to name a few. In other words things that are not normal. If any of this is happening, get to a doctor immediately. Also, if you are feeling faint, nauseous or vomiting, see the doc.

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