... I've done it wrong. This is my second yeast infection, so I know how to do it, but I think I'm doing it wrong.
I slept from 4:30 AM to 6:00 AM on the 14th- I took at around 10 am on the 14th
Stayed up then took it again at 11 PM on the 14th
Then I went to sleep at 5 AM on the 15th, woke up at 4 PM and took the third and last dose at 6 PM

- 14th at 10 AM
- 14th at 11 PM
- 15th at 6 PM
I don't know if I've done something dangerous, or if I should get anything more. The itching hasn't stopped, I'm not really expecting it to. What should I do? Should I get more Monistat?