.. go pee, (Didn't put it in before bed but was mostly laying or sitting back) after I peed i wiped.. without thinking .. just wiped downward in general and and I felt something so I looked at tissue n the partially dissolved no longer round Monistat egg was on the tissue! It was more like a thick string of it but now idk if I absorbed enough of the medicine! Do I just have to wait and see if symptoms clear!? please help! :'( first timer! I don't want it to come back I was so itchy n red in 3 days I would wipe roughly after pee to soothe n before treatment on fourth day wiping rough left tiny vague blood spots ... Also directions recommended a liner or pad with Med so if the med was there when I wiped liner was only thing holding it at my vaginal opening anyway right? Is this all BC I didn't lay down or was it not deep enough? If I messed it up hoe soon can I do another dose?? BC it totally relieved me but it's the same night still! :(