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Is there a money back gaurantee if I use the product as directed and it doesn't work for me?

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Inactive 29 Feb 2012

Hello Ice climber. Unless the manufacturer advertises that you'll be refunded if the product doesn't work, to your satisfaction I'd say probably yes. If theres no mention I'd say probably no. Best of wishes,pledge

Inactive 29 Feb 2012

I do most agree with Pledge. There is no guarantee, with medications even if you have a bad reaction as they warn of this in their literature. If you are talking about antidepression meds, it can sometimes take a combination of two or more to get the results you are looking for.Now if it's like the recall of certain drugs like the birth control meds they have put out warning on, that you could get pregnant, I'd have to say sometimes there will be classaction suits that you can become a part of. The best way to findout is for you to list the drug you are speaking of ofcourse... Mary free discount card

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