I am sixteen years old, and I've always thought I was just depressed or something, but I came across BPD online, and realized that I have almost all of the symptoms/signs. I really want to see a psychiatrist to see if I am right because half of the time I love my family, and half the time I'm really mean to them, and then when I love them again I feel terrible, and I binge eat, and I get chronic boredom, and my temper is set off really easily, and am always annoyed and depressed. And even if don't have BPD, I know I have some kind of depression or anxiety or something. If I tell my mom how I feel though, and tell her I want to see a psychiatrist, she'll probably just say I'm normal, and every teenager goes through this, etc., etc. How do I tell her? Should I just wait until I move out when I'm eighteen or nineteen so I don't have to deal with having to tell my mom? Please help me!!