My mom takes Bisoprolol 10 mg one tablet daily since 3years ago for her blood pressure along with losartartan 100 mg and HCTHZ 12.5, we changed our county and now she needs a refill. The Bisoprolol is not listed in the formulary of our new insurance and it's illegal to buy her the drug. The authorization process took time and now she is out of her medication. our pharmacy gave us a three days supply as a loan and told us that all that they can provide so I don't know what to do now. do you advice me to request a change of drug to metoprolol or carvidolol for example which are in the formulary or just wait until the authorization approved?
and how many days she can be without the Bisoprolol before she start to develope withdrawal effect? please note my mother is 60 years old and she hadn't any cv event but what complicate the situation more she has recently diagnosed with large pelvic mass and she has a surgery after three weeks so i'm afraid this will deteriorate her blood pressure and complicate her surgery, my primary physician office has very bad customer service and I'm facing difficulties with communication with them please advice me what to do?