My mother went through a very difficult divorce five years ago. Her Dr put her on xanax which was titrated to 8mg in 6 months!! She is having all severe side effects, falling, tremors etc. She has miraculously taken herself off of 3mg over the last few months. Here dr. has not helped with this,as he does not see the need. She has also quit her Cymbalta for three months now. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to help titrate her off of this medication. Some days I have her cooperation. I only found out the true dose when and her condition when I returned home. It is just like taking an addict away from their supplier. She admits improvement, and that she feels more stable, but is developing OCD. Is still not willing to see another dr, as she fears her xanax being taken away all at once. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Titration advice for such an extreme dose??