... regulated before she was sent home. Since to is time she is so weak she falls alot, her legs and feet are cold while her upper body sweats. Her vision is blurry, she gets dizzy, and when she stands up her BP drops to nothing, like 87/43 (example) Her doctor has changed BP meds 10 times at least since. She takes 12.5 mg spirolactone, 20 mg furosemide, 12.5 mg coreg, and night time she takes amitriptyline 25 mg (for rest/sleep) and namenda 10mg/morning and night for memory. And pravastin for chlosterol. So far we have been to ER's, heart Dr. Family Dr. Etc. No one has found the problem. She's had stress test, echgrams, CT scan, kidney blockage test. Anyone with suggestions?? Please help!!