My mother is 52 yrs old, currently awaiting s.s disability. She has been diagnosed w/Fibromyalgia about 4-5 years ago and has been on several medications that treat the Fibro but make her very sick. She is very sensitive and has a low tolerance for medications. So two questions really: What would you recommend for the treatment of Fibromyalgia for someone very sensitive to meds and TWO: Which is our biggest mystery ; she occasionally (8-12) times a month breaks out into severe hives. Red welts that can vary all over the body, mostly: legs, back, arms, chest, neck. They look like huge mosquito bites and itch severely. Could this be the Fibro? We have ruled out and examined her ENTIRE life. Switched fab softener/soap, body wash, foods etc. What could this be? We thought it could be stress contributing to it or the cause bc when she did work, she would get them even worse. She did have a stressful job, but now that she's not working and finds herself broke out with them again and not really doing anything but watching tv?? She has to take benadryl which makes her sleepy. Doctor hasn't given a definitive answer as to why. Does anyone else suffering from Fibro get hives or can anyone relate? Thanks so much for your time!!