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I need to know how much ML equals into MG or vise versa?

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murphy 11 Feb 2014

One unit is for weight (mg) and the other is for volume (ml). It is an impossible question to answer without knowing more information. If it is a liquid with another substance dissolved or suspended in it you would need the concentration e.g. 10mg/ml or if it is a pure liquid you would need to know the density e.g. water is normally 1mg/1ml

kaismama 11 Feb 2014

If you want an answer you have to give us some information. What med are you talking about? How much do you need to give? What is the concentration of the medicine? This will be on the label. It will be something like 50mg/5cc

DzooBaby 11 Feb 2014

It will be different from drug to drug. There is no one ratio of milligrams to milliliters. As said above milligrams (mg) is a measurement of weight and milliliters is a measure of volume. It is like measuring inches to ounces-each is a completely different measurement. Many drugs come 1mg of drug to 1 ml of fluid or 1mg/1ml but they can come in many different ways depending on the drug and the normal recommended dose-you can have 5mg /1ml or 10mg/1ml on up to 100mg/1ml or more, it just depends on the drug. What drug are you asking about? free discount card

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