Last weekend, while I was drinking with friends. I accidently took my friend's lexapro, thinking it was something else. I immediatly threw up but continued drinking that night, not taking consideration in the severity of my condition. It has been a week since that night took place. That was also the very first time I have ever took Lexapro.
For the last week, I have not been able to fall asleep or stay asleep. And all day, I feel that my head is fuzzy. That I could fall asleep any minute, and very light headed. But when it comes time for bed, I cant fall asleep.
Is this insomnia an after effect from taking Lexapro? Is my fuzzy head during the day a sympthom of seretoin syndrome? Im very worried that the lexapro made a lasting effect on my mind. Ive read though that insomina is a side effect of Lexapro, but would it still last a week after taking it once? What are your thoughts? Any help tips to over this fuzzy head feeling and insomina? Thank you so much!