... since ive known her, she has had bad back/neck pain and has consistently seen a chiropactor and had regular massages. Her muscles, particularly in the back and neck have been "knotty". She has been in alot of pain since ive known her, but shes always been an active person. Several months ago, she started researching ehlers danlos syndrome on the internet, and she has tons of correlations too it. That led her to see a rheumatologist in Denver to see if we could get a diagnosis. He diagnosed her with a connective tissue disease, but he wasnt specific. He also ran some blood labs and they came back containing sjorgrens antibodies. This was about a week ago. We are concerned about all of the potential disorders that come with this, and she is especially depressed about it. This entire week she has been asking me questions and talking about which (there are many it appears) disorder she may have. This is really hard, I dont know what to tell her. I dont know what to say and im not sure where to turn. Shes especially concerned that she will be bound to a wheelchair in the near term. Right now, all we know is that she has sjorgrens antibodies in her labwork. She goes back to the dr in october. Can anybody give me an idea of what were dealing with, or personal experience? All i know is i take her condition very seriously, but im trying to find encouragement for her and for me as her support person. It feels kindof helpless knowing right now i just feel like i dont know anything to say to comfort her about this disorder. Any experience or knowledge will be greatly appreciated. Oh, she is 33 yrs old and shes still active (we have 2 kids under 3yrs) but she seems to be feeling more pain. We did use CT tape in the last few weeks which has helped her considerably but now we've got the lab results to worry about. She does have an aunt with RA.