So I usually take 10mg of Paxil a day. I briefly tried Celexa and didn't really get anything more out of it than Paxil maybe even less. So my question is I'm going on vacation for 5 days tomorrow early am and realized I only have enough Paxil for 2 days but I do have a small supply of Celexa. We all know how terrible the Paxil withdrawals can be so I'm considering going Celexa then Paxil then Celexa then Paxil then Celexa to get through the 5 days. I don't know if this is a good idea and realize it probably isn't so it's not my first choice and most likely my last.

I'm going to search for a way to get a few pills of Paxil to tide me over but just in case I'm exploring other options. Not happy about forgetting to refill.