My dog has been getting eaten up by horse flies and we have used the only thing I've ever known a you actually relieve his pain in his getting the fly traps they work great but they have been filling up like no other I mean they'll fill up within 2 days with horsefly for me it's very bad I read in today what causes them and why you know they like to lay their eggs in fecal matter and all that but I also looked up a home remedy with apple cider vinegar and something else I cannot remember right now. I went to the local tractor supply store today I asked if they had anything to help because I knew Farmers have this issue all the time with their livestock so they pointed me towards like a fly spray equine fly spray the best when they said where the money is Bronco so he gave me what I was under the assumption of concentrated gallon jug of Bronco equine fly spray Plus in citronella scent. However, when I get home to apply the product I look how to mix the ratio water versus solution in a gallon jug pump and spray in the living quarters of our dog and on our dog and it doesn't say anything askew watering solution down. The only thing I can see that it might suggest using a ratio of water versus concentrate that it says for horses to use full strength so I'm confused can you help me, please?