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Is it a Mississippi law that adipex can only be prescribed for 3 months at a time?

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Inactive 31 Dec 2012

Yes most likely and probably so.

Adepex/Adipex is a appetite suppressant that acts much as a amphetamine. Most doctors will prescribe the drug in the very short term. More often than not a month or certainly less.

The longer you are taking the drug, the less effective, in as much as the body will build up a rapid tolerance and the higher the risks of severe side effects. Such as cardiac, blood pressure for example are two.

MelanieGabriella 31 Dec 2012

Well, I took it for years in Tennessee and never had any sde effects or anything go wrong except that I was loosing weight.
Can you give the location of the law that supports this?

Inactive 31 Dec 2012

Most all states. (it being a substance 3 drug) and the perscribing doctors writing the perscription are aware of this)

kaismama 31 Dec 2012

I don't know if its a law anywhere, but its sound medical judgement. It does not work long term, tolerance developes, so it should only be prescribed for short term. Recommended is under a month. It is a controlled medication, and I know if a dr prescribes any controlled med long term, he is looked at closely by the DEA. free discount card

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