can someone tell me:
a) what's the chance I'm pregnant after missing two pills in a row at the end of the first week of pack? I've never missed b4 in the 8 yrs I've taken them.

b) I'm positive i ovulated two days later. I felt the usual pain in one side, low in front of pelvis, then crampy since 2dpo and tender breasts (which i usually have during ovulation, but it hasn't subsided). i have right at 12 days to go before expected period. Urination has increased in last couple days. but all of this can fall under uti or pms too. sigh. it's not the end of the world, but feeling very nervous all the same.

I took pills as normal when I realized I had missed, but I didn't double up (didn't realize I was supposed to until I called my gyno on Monday). At that time, he advised against plan b due to timing. He instructed me to finish pack and wait.
*frustrated & scared* im 37 so I'm concerned of assoc risks