I am taking Lo Loestrin, I'm on my second pack. A day or two after switching from Alyssena to Lo Loestrin, I had sex without a condom. He didn't finish inside of me but he thought he might've gotten some pre-ejaculate inside of me. We talked to a pharmacist barely half an hour later and she said I would be fine taking Plan B (I asked her if I should be protected enough since I did switch pills and the birth control package says to be very careful for the first 7 days), so we bought it and I took it about an hour after we had sex. There were a couple times that he didn't finish inside of me but he could've gotten pre-ejaculate inside of me, I only took Plan B the one time. I haven't gotten a period since I started Lo Loestrin. Last month there was some brown discharge, but no blood. I had cramps and I had felt like I was on my period. This month, it's Friday now, the first of my 2 sugar pills. I'm either supposed to start my period today, or the first white pill, which was Wednesday. There's nothing yet, except for a tiny bit of brown discharge after having sex last night (we always use a condom, except for the couple times I mentioned). I've been getting bloated after I eat for about a week or so now, there's some lower abdominal swelling, if I flex my muscles there's a clear lump on the right side, it's barely noticeable when my muscles are relaxed. I have developed a cyst in my breast since starting Lo Loestrin, I'm hoping I don't have an ovarian cyst or something. I felt small cramps this morning, and have had them on and off all week. My lower back has been sore as well. Could this all just be from the Plan B? I already know I should not have taken it. I won't be taking it again. I was uneducated on the topic and I listened to the professional.