Hi. I was on a certain kind of birth control pills for a bout 6 months and had problems with break through bleeding. During the middle of my 6 month pack I was getting a decently heavy period so I went to planned parenthood and switched my pills. She switched me to a lower dose of estrogen and said since I already have bled this month for about 5 days I can start my new pack the next day. So I never missed a pill in between switching period. I did not use condoms at all in the process of switching and then the next month when I started my sugar pills I had only a little spotting. I was told it was normal to miss a period after switching birth control pills. However, on the third week of my second pack I seemed to get very heavy brown discharge that was almost a period that lasted around a week (I assume my last missed period) and then it stopped 3 days before my sugar pills on my next pack. I have been extremely stressed out with going through a pretty dramatic break up and dealing with college and work, and now I am on the 2nd day of my sugar pills of the 2nd month and still not have gotten my period. I'm pretty sure I am not pregnant since I have never missed a pill and take them at the exact same time... or could I be? What is happening? Is this normal?

Please reply asap... thank you