Hi everyone,

Recently, I bought a pack of 24 count Mucinex 1200mg maximum strength pills. The box was in pristine condition.
Once i got home and opened it, one packet inside was missing (12 count), and the other was in there, but completely empty (as if someone had popped them all out). ALSO, there was another packet, with 30 or so pills in there that started with a P (I don't quite remember the name) and two of those pills were missing.

I went right back to the store and showed them and the pharmacists were in shock and said they'd never seen anything like it before. The manager came and said they would call the company and they exchanged it for me.

Today I called Mucinex (RB) and told them about it. They said they would do an investigation.

I was on camera at the store when i returned them, so the box and the pills inside were all taped. With three pharmacists knowing and the store manager.

What should I do?