I am prescribed Previfem birth control and take it every night before bed (but that can be anywhere from 9-12 pm). Just this month I had missed a pill, then taken 2 the following day as the directions say. The next 2 days I took my pill once a day as I'm suppose to. I had unprotected sex the following night and forgot to take my pill and this is during my scheduled ovulation period.The next morning i took my pill, took a Plan B One Step Pill, and then took my regular prefivem pill as I'm suppose to that night. I have alot of side effects such as fatigue, cramping, mood swings, neasea, alot of discharge and this all happened about a week ago. Online it says these symptoms could mean my period is coming or that I'm pregnant. Never once while I was on previfem have I experienced cramps or neasea leading up to my period, but I have experienced the moodiness and fatigue. I'm very scared I could be pregnant!!! My question to you is that since I was on previfem, should I not worry so much about this all happening during my supposed ovulation period because the birth control is suppose to stop ovulation? I took the Plan B pill about 16 hours after I had unprotected sex. Online it says that if I'm suppose to be ovulating and I take Plan B, that the Plan B won't be as effective because it works to postpone ovulation. What are my chances of ending up pregnant from this situation? I am extremely worried!!!