Hi guys, I'm not very experienced in terms of sex or using birth control but here is my story. I've set it up in a timeline format in order to be as precise as possible.

Aug 2014: Prescribed diane 35 due to endometriosis and PCOS
Nov/12/2015: start November pill pack (have been on pill uninterruptedly since it was prescribed)
Nov/13/2015 : get withdrawal bleed, lasts for 2 days
Nov 12-28: intermittently have sex using no barrier method, all the while skipping no pills and taking them all within the safe timeframe (my boyfriend pees before the fact and withdraws before ejaculation every time)
Dec 2: end pill pack (diane only has active pills and no sugar pills)
Weekend of dec 4: partner is not sure whether he pulled out in time
December 6: get paranoid, take plan b on a whim
Dec 9: week since I ended last pack, no signs of bleeding so I start taking high doses of vitamin c in order to bring on bleeding
Dec 10: start new birth control pack

Have been taking birth control and vitamin c ever since that fateful weekend.

Things you should also know:
-on my seven day break off the pills, I got mild PMS symptoms but not even a light discharge
- the last couple days I have had breast tenderness, bloating and nausea
- I am extremely careful of taking all my pills on time
- I'm really scared of the possibility of pregnancy.

Please help me. Any advice helps