Ok, so.. I missed two pills in week 3 of my pack (accidentally took 2 placebo pills instead!)
I obviously had a period beginning on the third day and was puzzled - panicked when I looked at the pack and realised I'd taken them incorrectly! I caught up on those pills and took the last few correctly.
I should have come on my period on Sunday but this hasn't happened. Obviously my irratic pill taking hasn't helped!

I had unprotected sex probably about 10 days before this but have no had sex since.

I also didn't realise that because I had less than 7 pills left in a pack, I should have continued with a second pack continuous.

So, I had a period beginning before I panicked and took the remaining pills and haven't had a bleed since. Is this something to worry about? Could I be pregnant? Am I being paranoid?

I'm travelling in Asia currently so any advice would be gratefully appreciated!

Many thanks!