I have been on birth control for 5 months now. I am on Microgestin, if that matters. I just got married a month ago..and as newly weds have made love every night sometimes twice a day. no protection besides the pill. I forgot to take my pill two days in a row at the end of the second week and once at the very end of the third week before the inactive pills. Now this pill has in the whole 5 months, been very unforgiving when missing a pill..i will spot or have withdrawal bleeding. I did on the second week after I missed two pills..just for about an hour or two I had some blood..then it went away that night when I started taking the pill again. well now I am at the end of my inactive pills and still NO PERIOD. I know my body..i bleed everytime I do not take this medicine and now..there's not even a spot. I am extremely exhausted to the point my husband says I look drugged by the time hes off work at 10 pm. I don't even remember how I fall asleep from how tired I am when I have suffered insomnia for a year now prior to this week. I am nauseous always.. I have taken 3 tests all negative... is this normal or am I pregnant?