... since she was suppose to have her period and she's been stressing out! We've been sexually active but are very protective. we've always made sure the condoms we buy are great condition. One day we had sex and I went deeper than before, I know it was painful for her so we didn't go too hard on it because I know it was very painful for her. Keep this in mind it's always painful for her since I'm her frist man having sex. So we take it easy. So once I felt like I was going to finish I pulled out way before I came a little after I pulled out, I checked the condom for any tears but everything checked out ok! I know that as of the last time she has her period was the 23 of last month. And today is the 23 of this month! She was expecting her period on the 15th which her calender had said it was going to come. So is there anything you guys could advise us to do? I love her so much and we are prepared for the worse but we do not want kids right now we wanna wait till later in our lives to have kids! So please if you can help out I would appreciate it so much!