... proceeded to take them normally. I never doubled up. Then at the end of that month I got my normal period. Then when my period was due for the month after that (usually around the 27th), I bled for about three days on and off and then a couple days after there was more blood. It was really irregular. The next month (February) I didn't get my period but I figured it might be late and come beginning of March since after all Feb. is a shorter month. My bf and I are sexually active but I believe we used protection the month of Dec. My periods are never usually irregular, I started birth control in Septemeber. Today (March 17th) I went to the bathroom and there was blood and I had cramps all day. However, I noticed i only really saw blood after I wiped almost every time I went to the bathroom and never in my underwear. Is this because of the pills I missed?