I started my pack Novemeber 17th, and missed about 5 birth controls in my 2 or 3 weeks, a few in a row and a few here and there... I had unprotected sex more then once... yes stupid me. and i continued taking my pills.. but i didn't get a normal period like i usually do. I was basically spotting for a few days. I took two pregnancy test once at night on earlier this week on Friday and one in the morning on Saturday as soon as i woke up. they were both negative. I was feeling nauseous for a about 2 weeks, but haven't gotten sick and my breast are sore,and feel like my bra is a little more filled in. i have also had cramping during my "period" and still do, nothing like my period cramp tho. Been extremely tired (could be cause of the holidays). Is it possible that i am pregnant ? Did i take the test too soon ? or is this just my body reacting to horrible birth control conception ? PLEASE HELP. and please, i know what i did was very dumb, and irrespondible, I am aware, i dont need people telling me.