So I've had around 3 Depo shots. I was scheduled to get my next shot exactly 11 weeks from my prior one on the 3rd. I went on vacation though and completely missed it. I had sex on the 13th without protection, so 10 days after missing my shot, not even realizing till the next day that I forgot about my shot. I heard that they schedule the shot every 11 weeks to give you about a week of leeway time. Will I be fine? Also, I ended up getting the shot the 18th. I was under the impression from the doctor that I would be protected right away since that was the case when I first started it. I had sex again on the 19th. Researching it further, I found that I should've used protection for two weeks after getting the shot since I was two weeks late. I don't understand why they wouldn't have told me that. So at this point what do I do? Do I take plan b? I'm so upset at this point. Please help