I was on my third birth control packet and was on the last week of pills before my scheduled period. I got my period early because I missed about two days of the pill in the same week, but this occurred the day after it left (about four days before my scheduled period). I then had unprotected sex (not intentional, was not planned or aware until the next morning. The guy got me extremely intoxicated to the point of no consent). Probably 12-20 hours after I took a single dosage of Levonorgestrel (a form of "Plan B") and the guy did not cum inside of me, so he says. Because I don't know the circumstances under which we had sex, I panicked and got the pill as soon as I could. This was my first time having sex unfortunately so I really didn't know how to react. I should probably do something about the situation but I would just like to know what my chances of being pregnant are and I want to move on and FORGET.

I understand how this story sounds, but I am only interested in hearing about my pregnancy chances, and not the decisions I have made to put myself in the situation I was in. Thanks for the feedback!!!

(Date of sex was 6/25 between approximately 1 am-4 am, emergency contraceptive was taken on 6/27 at approximately 5 pm the latest)