I'm currently taking sprintec birth control and I went on vacation for thanksgiving. Once I arrived to my vacation spot I realized I had forgotten my pills at home. I was on the second week of the pack and now I have missed a week. I'm back home now abd I have one week left before my placebos. Problem is, for the week of my vacation I had an extremely heavy period and I don't know if I should finish of the pack of my birth control pills then go to placebos or wait two weeks and start a new pack? I've been bleeding for about 4 days very heavy and non-stop... I messed up and I don't know what to do! I am not having sex so I am not worried about pregnancy I am however already irregular when it comes to my period which is why I am on birth control. Basically my question is, Should I finish the week before my placebos then my placebos abd start the next pack or wait two weeks and not take anything and start a new pack? ??