My husband never pulls out since I'm on bc but forgot about the 2-3 missed pills during vacay and got my period during vacay (my reminder alarm got turned off i think) and I keep tabs on sex and af on a calendar and we had sex twice in my fertile window. Now I'm spotting and have 9 days before af. Its only when I wipe and just tiny bit of pinkish brown my boobs hurt nauseated and heart burn for the past few days. I've missed pills in the past and always take then as soon as I remwmber and nevee had breakthru bleeding been on bc for 2yrs now always been on time every month haven't missed a pill in months. Idk what other info to add. How likely is it this is just a fluke or could I be experiencing implantion and be pregnant. Its not a horrible thing my husband knows I'm nervous more cuz we have 26mo twins.